CRPS Network UK Clinical & Research Network in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Putting it together

CRPS UK Clinical Research Network


The CRPS UK Registry database was established by the CRPS UK Clinical Research Network in 2008 to facilitate epidemiology studies, academic and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

It is hosted by the University of Southampton, supervised by a Steering Committee, sponsored by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and funded by ad hoc grants.  Read more >>


The CRPS UK Registry data can be used for any research study or clinical trial approved by the CRPS UK Registry Steering Committee, without the explicit consent of the individual collaborating centres.

All members of the Working Group that provide data should be informed of any analysis being carried out on the Registry data.   Read more >>


A primary aim of the CRPS UK Registry is to raise awareness and understanding of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome amongst health professionals, patients and the general public.

We hold various events including one day seminars, a national conference and support CRPS UK (patient organisation), in delivering their annual patient conference.

For details of forthcoming events, please click here